Posted in: University Posted on: Aug 25th, 2015

4 Amazing and Affordable Dining Options Near VCU

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When college cafeteria becomes mundane and students are craving food that is filling, budget-conscious, and close to campus, it’s helpful to know where to go and what to try. From drinks to desserts and everything in between, the restaurants in Richmond offer both adventurous eats and crowd-pleasing classics. If you’re living off campus at Virginia Commonwealth University, this list of budget friendly restaurants near Virginia Commonwealth University will lead you in the right direction to deals and delicious dishes.

Sally Bell’s Kitchen

Right down the street from VCU, Sally Bell’s Kitchen is a unique local, family-owned eatery providing a twist on the traditional lunch options. Customers can order a boxed or bag lunch that includes a sandwich, a side, and a dessert. Sandwiches are made-to-order and 11 fresh baked dessert options are created on-site. Sandwiches can be substituted with salads, and sides can be ordered by the pound for larger groups. Box and bag lunches can be purchased for under $10, which makes Sally Bell’s Kitchen a budget-friendly place to eat.

The Village Café

Known for their warm and friendly nature, the staff at The Village Café promise customers a full stomach by the time they walk out the door. Customers can order breakfast for dinner or dinner for breakfast, as the entire menu is available no matter the time of day. Barbeque ribs can be ordered for under $9, homemade desserts are always made fresh, and the menu changes daily to keep the regulars coming back for more.

Stuffy’s Subs

Serving Richmond since 1975, owners Chuck and Gillian have been putting together good food and service for their customers for over four decades. Ranging in sizes from regular to super, diners can order hot and cold subs of all kinds, all for under $10. Stuffy’s menu also includes an array of salads, vegetarian options, and sides.

Mojo’s Philadeli

Dine in or take out from the Philadelphia-inspired menu at Mojo’s Philadeli. Whether you’re craving a quick meal or dining on a budget, Mojo’s is the place to get the best deals in Richmond. Coupons can always be found on their website, and the $7 lunch deals are available at all times. Grab a beer on tap, order a burger or cheesesteak, and enjoy the Philly vibe of Mojo’s Philadeli.

Find your favorite snacking spot or attempt to conquer the whole list of restaurants one dish at a time. These budget-friendly dining options won’t disappoint.