Posted in: Kids Posted on: Jan 27th, 2016

4 Different Ways to Dine With Your Kids in Richmond

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Anyone who has had children understands the frustrations of trying to take them out to eat. Children have a rather short attention span and are often noisier than what is acceptable in certain restaurants. However, by choosing one of the several kid-friendly restaurants in Richmond, parents will find that they can have a delicious meal or snack while simultaneously keeping their children happy. In fact, one of these restaurants may become an adult’s new favorite.

Healthy Kid’s Options

Located on the north side of Richmond where Interstate 95 and Interstate 64 cross, the Mill on Macarthur offers a casual kid-friendly environment that is perfect for families who appreciate the delicious tastes of fresh, healthy meal options. The Mill sources local foods, making it a great pick for environmentally sensitive families, and offers a wide selection of meals that are vegan and gluten-free. This restaurant offers specials Monday through Thursday as well as Saturdays and Sundays, such as meatless Monday and Sunday Burger Night. Pizza, burgers, and make-your-own pasta bowls are some of the standout items for families, and menu prices range from $8 for some sandwiches to $16 for some entrees.

For Older Kids

Kids who love noisy, entertaining atmospheres as well as sports can check out the Glory Days Grill with their parents. With many locations throughout Virginia, the Richmond Glory Days is found at the Gleneagles Center on Ridgefield Parkway. Glory Days is a great spot for kids with gluten allergies because of its gluten-free menu options. While it does not have a specific kid’s menu, this restaurant offers numerous options that would be exciting for kids, such as burgers and fries. With prices from $8.49 for burgers to $18.59 for a full order of ribs, Glory Days has something for everyone.

Casual Italian

For less of an American feel and more international flair, families can head to Angelo’s Italian Restaurant located on the Midlothian Turnpike. This family-run restaurant is an awesome choice because it has a laid-back, comfortable vibe and features freshly made pizzas. In fact, it has been voted best in the area for thin crust pizzas. Things to try include the homemade pizza sauce and family recipe Italian dressing. Prices are extremely reasonable, making it easy to bring even a large family here for a New York style pizza and appetizers. Kids can also enjoy their specialty menu, which includes pizza by the slice, pasta, chicken tenders, and more.

Room for Something Sweet

Those who have saved room for something sweet at the end of the day should try Bev’s Homemade Ice Cream on Cary Street near Interstate 195. This brightly colored sweets shop has outdoor seating, indoor tables, and an eccentric vibe that cannot be missed. Children of all ages will love everyday flavors, such as Cookies ‘n’ Cream and Mocha Almond, and special flavors, such as Caramel Macchiato and Peach Yogurt.

Kid-friendly restaurants in Richmond provide a place where parents can bring their children without worrying about protocol, noise, or boredom. Of course, these are just a sampling of the many great options found throughout the greater Richmond neighborhood. Parents should head out to explore their new city and may just discover their next favorite restaurant whether it’s adults-only or kid-friendly.