Posted in: Living Posted on: Aug 22nd, 2016

Give Back to Your Richmond Community By Doing Volunteer Work!

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Usually, people move to a new city to start new jobs or to go to school. While work and school can take up a lot of your time, you might still find that you have room in your schedule to give back to your community by getting involved with a cause you care about. When living in Richmond, VA, you have a number of opportunities for volunteering and for helping local organizations assist those in need.

Help Feed People

One way to help people in your new community is to volunteer with Feed More whose mission is to fight hunger in Central Virginia. It does so in multiple ways — it provides meals to the homebound and to senior citizens, it gives food to families who struggle to make ends meet, and it supplies children with nutritional education so they learn to make healthy food choices. The organization provides food and nutritional programming to more than 200,000 people in Virginia every year.

Feed More has volunteer opportunities for both adults and young people. Adults can prepare and pack meals, sort food in the organization's warehouses and pantries, and drive meals to area schools, among other activities. Youths can ride along with the meals on wheels drivers, volunteer during special events, or help pack up meals. Children between 11 and 16 must be accompanied by a supervising adult volunteer.

Help With Animals

If you love animals, you might considering volunteering with the Richmond SPCA. Volunteers need to be over the age of 14 to work independently or over the age of seven to volunteer along with a parent or guardian. The SPCA holds a number of volunteer information and orientation sessions throughout the year to introduce new volunteers to the process.

When you work with the SPCA, you have a variety of options for helping out. Some people volunteer to foster puppies, kittens, or adult dogs or cats their homes, providing the animals with a safe and caring environment until they are adopted. Some volunteer to help sew blankets for animals at the shelter or donate their time to help run and staff special events, such as adoption events. Other opportunities include dog walking, cat socialization, promoting animals on social media and adoption websites, and administrative work. The SPCA asks that people donate at least six hours of their time per month, for at least six months.

Help Kids

Another way to give back in Richmond is to volunteer to work with Noah's Children, an organization that provides hospice and palliative care to children diagnosed with life threatening diseases. There are numerous opportunities for volunteers with Noah's Children. You can mentor the siblings of a patient, providing support and guidance to them. You can also volunteer to prepare a meal for a child's family or to visit with a patient, to give his or her parents a break.

Since some people have only a limited amount of time to give, there are also "done in a day" volunteer events, which might include Holiday Helpers, during which volunteers help pack up and deliver gifts for kids during the holidays and Tools for Back to School, which involves collecting, packing up and delivering school supplies at the start of the academic year.

To learn more about being a volunteer while living in Richmond, visit Hands On Richmond’s website. This organization connects people who want to help their community with organizations that need assistance.