Posted in: University Posted on: Oct 26th, 2015

Living Off-Campus at Virginia Union University

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Moving to Richmond, Virginia and attending Virginia Union University is an exciting new transition, especially if you are moving into off-campus housing. Make sure you’re prepared for living on your own by considering these suggestions and helpful tips. From balancing school work to budgeting for bills, living off campus is a great learning experience and a new level of independence. Here’s some advice for those who plan on living in off-campus housing near Virginia Union University.


Living on your own comes with a lot of expenses, so it is important to make a flexible budget for monthly bills and things that may arise unexpectedly. Always plan for what bills will come each month, such as rent, utilities, internet, cable, and insurance. Once you are able to establish the amount of money you’ll need for monthly expenses, factor in living expenses such as groceries and gas. Last, always make sure you have some savings in case of an emergency or any other unexpected expense.

Roommate and Neighbor Relationships

It’s important to create and maintain a positive relationship with your neighbors so that any issues that arise are handled appropriately and effectively. Introducing yourself to your neighbors and establishing that you are a student may help keep noise levels low around your space. Introducing yourself will also give you a chance to gain an understanding of your neighbor’s needs.


Living away from campus and not being surrounded by an academic setting can be a big transition for students who move off campus for the first time. This transition can make it easy to fall out of healthy study habits. Fortunately, the university’s library offers a number of resources for off campus students, such as online databases, electronic journals, and e-books that can be accessed from home. Along with these at-home resources, students are encouraged to utilize the library on campus for a quiet place to study, meet with groups, and seek help from the librarians. By taking advantage of these study tools, students can maintain routine habits for completing school work.