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Looking for the Best Pizza in Richmond? Check Out These Contenders!

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If you ask a group of 10 people where the best pizza in Richmond can be found, you're likely to get 10 different answers. Everyone has their own definition of what makes pizza great. For some, it's the crust. For others, it's the right mix of cheese, toppings and sauce. Still others value authenticity in their pie. Whatever type of pizza you prefer, it's worth checking out of some of the highest rated pizza places in Richmond.

Food Truck Pizza Grows Up

Nota Bene Restaurant got its start as a humble, mobile pizza oven, dubbed Pizza Tonight. The founders of the food truck started out serving wood-fired pizzas at food truck festivals, weddings, and other catered events.

Eventually, they opened a brick and mortar restaurant, Nota Bene, which offers their well-loved pizza, as well as a menu full of Italian classics. The restaurant is open for dinner Tuesdays through Saturdays and offers a Sunday brunch. If you want to experience Pizza Tonight, but don't have time to dine-in, you're welcome to order your pizza to go.

Tastiest Pizza Crust

Bottom's Up Pizza won Style Weekly's "Best Pizza" award for four years in a row and took second place in the most recent contest. What sets this pizza apart from the rest? The crust. As the name suggests, the pizza here starts from the bottom up. The restaurant's crust takes at least 12 hours to prepare, which gives the dough plenty of time to develop a rich, complex flavor. The crust at Bottom's Up is thick and flavorful, and plenty of people find that it's great to eat on its own, as if it were bread.

Late Night Pizza

Several things set Belmont Pizzeria, which was named Richmond's Best Pizza Place in 2016 by Style Weekly, apart from the competition. One is the size of its thin-crust slices. If you order a slice to go, don't be surprised when it arrives in a full-size pizza box all by itself. The other thing that sets it apart is its late hours. The pizzeria is open until midnight on the weekends and until 11pm most other nights of the week.

Pre-Show Pizza

Lucca Enoteca serves more than just pizza, but it's 1,000 degree coal-fired oven and its location across the street from the Carpenter Theater make it an ideal pre-show stop for pizza lovers. Pizza pie options range from the classic margherita to picante biano, a white pizza with chorizo and Buffalo mozzarella.

Grab and Go Pizza

New York City is full of pizza places that let you pop in, buy a slice and be on your way. Jo-Jo's in Richmond is the closest thing the city has got to a classic NYC pizza joint. You can get a slice of cheese pizza or choose from one or more of the 10 or so pies the restaurant prepares each day. Jo-Jo's tends to be the pick of busy office workers in need of a quick lunch on a workday, so if you go around that time, be prepared for a bit of a wait. But, by all accounts, the wait will be worth it.

In your opinion, where can you find the best pizza in Richmond?