Posted in: Living Posted on: Apr 23rd, 2015

Short-term Housing in Richmond, VA

When you’re making a temporary move to Richmond, it’s important to keep your budget and the length of time you’ll be in the city in mind. Renting a short-term apartment in Richmond is a great option if you want to simplify the transition and quickly establish a home base.

Why Short-Term Housing?

Short-term rentals are a good idea for people who might have to temporarily relocate for work-related reasons, or if you’re a student taking classes at a nearby university, or you’re renovating your current home. The benefit of short-term housing is that you don’t have to lock yourself into a year-long contract and worry about finding someone to take over your lease or paying additional fees if you need to move out early.
Short-term housing is a more cost-effective option when compared to staying in a hotel. Hotel rooms and extended-stay suites work if you’re going to be staying somewhere for a week or two, but they’re also the most expensive. Room rates are costly and amenities are limited. Even if your room has a small kitchenette, it’s likely you’ll be dining out for the majority of your meals, and those costs can quickly add up. Choosing short-term housing in an apartment community grants you much more freedom. Your new apartment will feel like home. You’ll have plenty of space, access to a full kitchen, and other amenities that hotels don’t offer.

Know Your Neighborhood

In the midst of a stressful move, it’s easy to forget about little things. If you’re here for business, it’s helpful to know where certain things are located, like the post office or a great dry cleaner. Gaskins Cleaners can help you keep your clothes neatly pressed and in great condition. The closest post office is just a mile away on Parham Road in Henrico, VA, and FedEx is five minutes away. If you need a rental car, there’s an Enterprise on Broad Street in Richmond.

Get To Know Richmond

If you’re here on business, you might have to entertain clients, and you don’t want to be completely clueless when you’re planning the itinerary. The Richmond region has more than 900 restaurants to choose from. If you’re short on time and need to grab a quick bite to eat, try Plant Zero Cafe or Alamo BBQ. For a client dinner, go to L’Opossum for delicious French cuisine or Julep’s for classic Southern fare with a twist. Familiarize yourself with Richmond and the local offerings, whether you’re here for work or play. It’s a historically-rich, cultural city that’s full of entertainment options that suit any age and interest. The Richmond tourism website is a great resource not just for navigating the city in general, but for finding things to do.

It’s not fun to feel like you’re living out of a suitcase in a space that doesn’t feel like your own. Short-term rentals in Richmond, VA are friendly on your budget and let you to feel right at home.